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the greps of wrath

Scene: Burning Man, 2006, Saturday night, in the surging crowd of 40,000 surrounding The Man which has just been lit on fire.

Friend: "Wow! Hey Jeff, did you bring your camera from our camp to come and capture this?"

Me: "I have already seen dozens of photos of a 50 foot tall wood and neon statue burning to the ground. I did not come here to take more. I came here to see it for myself."
amateur radio, asynchronous logic, chlorine pentafluoride, classical music, electronics, going to space, ignoring popular culture, mars, memorizing pi, multicore computing, music with high signal/noise, nextstep user interface, not owning a television, perfect pitch, polywell fusion, rfc822 compliance, space elevators, tesla coils, the desert, yttrium barium copper oxide